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Ishq Haqiqi and Ishq Majazi

“Every person has a feeling within them called love. This love is of two types, the first type is known as Ishq Haqiqi and the second type is known as Ishq Majazi.Only the first type is permissible in the Shariah.

Ishq Haqiqi is to love the one and only Allãh ta’ala. It also includes loving anyone else for the sake of Allãh.Thus a person can love his parents, friends and associates so long as it is upon the basis that this love is to please the Creator, Allãh.

Ishq Majazi means to love anyone apart from Allah ta’ala with other purposes in one’s mind e.g. due to wealth, beauty or fame. This type of love is impermissible.In order to cure this impermissible love there are three simple, yet very effective steps which one needs to carry out.

1) To completely disconnect oneself from the beloved.

2) Along with this one needs to destroy and stay far from anything which could remind you of this so called beloved e.g. Letters, gifts and the like.

3) To keep the Shaykh informed of one’s progress.

Connection with one’s beloved can be understood from the example of watering a plant. As long as a plant is watered it will live and survive. As soon as it is deprived of water, the plant will begin to shrivel and eventually die. But if the plant is provided with water just before its death, then it will be revived and begin to grow again.

This is the same situation with love. For as long as one entertains the thoughts of the beloved, the love will remain in the heart. As soon as one is disconnected from the beloved, the love will also begin to shrivel up and eventually die.

But if before the love has left one’s heart a quick phone call or text message is sent, then this will be a means of falling back into the trap of impermissible love.”